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I have had the good fortune to work closely with Mike Smith PT, ATC for over 15 years. Mike retains highly intuitive interpersonal and observational skills, and is the prototypical professional by virtue of his exemplary clinical evaluation and management skills. I have always been confident that patients referred to Mr. Smith would receive the very best care. Most importantly, Mike has demonstrated consistently sound medical judgment, and holds himself to the highest clinical standard. Patients love and admire him for his easygoing manner, and respect his expertise, professionalism, and consistently high standard of care.

Dr. Jim Findlay, D.O.

I began seeing Jen this summer after fracturing my hip which resulted in a total hip replacement and tendinitis in my shoulder. I’m happy to say that after 3 months of therapy I’m able to resume my normal activities and I am pain free. I found Jen to be knowledgeable, positive, attentive, and appreciated her words of encouragement . The PT *homework* was very manageable and definitely made a difference in my recovery. I would recommend Village PT to anyone needing their services.

Mary S., Gorham, ME

I can not say enough wonderful comments about Village Physical Therapy, I feel like Michael Smith gave me back my life! 
I had Physical Therapy with Michael Smith for two years three times a week due to having two total knee replacements and two total hip replacements during the past two years. I had participated in a lot of physical therapy before this, due to my bad joints, with many other practitioners and found I was totally dissatisfied so I was not looking forward to my two years of rehabilitation. Also I have known many people who have had joint replacements and have had a lot of pain and troubles with them for years after the Physical Therapy. 
By chance I stopped in and made an appointment at Village Physical Therapy.  I loved working with Michael. He went at a pace that I could handle without pushing me too hard, which I really appreciated. He told me stories to get my mind off the pain of what I was doing. He is very warm and a great listener and funny which made the experience enjoyable. He is highly educated and could answer my many questions about physiology and what was happening to my body. My orthopedic surgeon said Michael was one of the best communicators he had ever worked with, giving regular reports on how I was progressing which made my visits with my surgeon much easier. 
I started in therapy three days after each operation. I appreciated that Michael did not give me a lot of homework to do. He combined massage to reduce scar tissue with repetitions, constantly changing up the routine so I did not get bored. He monitors what you are doing all of the time to made sure you are using the equipment correctly which I appreciated since at another practice I was hurt from not being monitored. On days when I just couldn’t do anymore Michael said I could leave.  Yet he also pushed me to strengthen my muscles and get to full extension and full bending of my knee joints. I am now in no pain, all of my joints work perfectly and I am able to participate in sports that I have not been able to do for years like wallyball, pickleball and golf. Michael made a very difficult two years fun by challenging me to keep getting to the next step. His wife Deb who is office manager is very efficient at scheduling and handled all of the insurance issues of two years of physical therapy without me needing to get involved which I really appreciated.
I am so grateful to Michael Smith and Village Physical Therapy for giving me back my life with grace, goodwill, and loving kindness. 

Carol Curran MSW, PhD

​Gorham, ME

I have been seeing Mike Smith on and off for about two years. He always seems to find the solutions to my pains and injuries, and being an athlete that is very important. His knowledge is unbelievable, he knows how to fix and work on every bone or muscle in the body, big or small. He is very supportive, caring and eager to solve problems. He is prompt and on time and always finds a way to fit you into his schedule at whatever time is best for you. 

Allie Clement, Falmouth, ME